Community Impact

All my Research and Community impact is dedicated to my Grandfather

Volunteering over 200 hours with an aim to provide care for the Parkinson’s community. Parkinson’s Community outreach program.

Volunteered in organizing Parkinson’s Symposium where the PD community comes together to show all the available care for PD

Volunteered at the Parkinson’s Move-It Walk to raise the importance of exercise and fitness for patients with Parkinson’s


Volunteered at Carolina’s gentle yoga exercise program to help people with movement disorder’s


Summer of 2019 Hosted a Mini Symposium for Parkinson’s Awareness and out reach

Raised over $1,400 as a result of this event for Parkinson’s Research and to support the well-being of patients. The funds raised was donated to Parkinson’s Association of Carolina’s(PAC).

Developed a website dedicated to coronavirus tracking and resources, targeted for the youth. 

Click here (Will be updated soon)

Started a Middle School Research Afterschool Program at my former middle school with the goal of increasing STEM interest in young students. Based on high-school labs, I hope to expand research-based learning in the classroom.

Volunteered at Camp SOAR (Special Olympics Athlete Retreat) to help kids with mental and Social disorders and train them for Olympics


Residential Life Assistant for NCSSM’s school’s dorm system



Hi everyone! My name is Koushik Sridhar and I will be one of your RLA’s for this upcoming school year! I am from Charlotte, NC and previously attended Ardrey Kell High School. I spend a lot of time at NCSSM doing a wide spectrum of things such as research, athletics, and cultural events. I am really into research in computational biology and would encourage you guys to take advantage of NCSSM’s multitudinous number of research opportunities. Last year, I was a part of a number of dance groups including Bhangra and ICIDIC, and I will be one of the captains for the reformed Broad Street Bhangra. In addition to that, I played Ultimate Frisbee last year (until I was derailed by injury). Whenever I’m not studying for my classes, I love to listen to music, eat outside on Ninth Street, and play outside or in the PEC. Welcome to NCSSM, where you will grow holistically as a person and as a student. My Co-RLAs and I are excited to have you on 3rd West, the best hall on campus! Feel free to swing by my room (303) and talk to me! I can’t wait to get to know you all this year!

Member of North Carolina Youth Classical Art of Charity by leading music school program to raise funds for Wheels for Meals Program to help elderly

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