AzureVoice - 2018

Quantifying Tremors and Progression of Parkinson’s disease through an Android App and Bluetooth Low Energy Technology​​

Parkinson’s Disease is one of the most common neurological diseases in modern day society. As Parkinson’s Disease continues to worsen over time, severe symptoms arise. These effects of Parkinson’s can be alleviated through early detection. Currently, there is no dedicated test for diagnosing Parkinson’s Disease. Current research for detecting Parkinson’s focuses on the creation of products that are time-consuming, not easy to use, or expensive. Therefore, to solve these issues, the AzureVoice App was developed. In this project, several Neural Networks were built and tested according to a dataset on Parkinson’s Speech featuring several voice characteristics and values. After determining the best Neural Network, an Android App was developed to provide an easy-to-navigate testing interface for doctors, caregivers, and patients. With the app, users are able to get their results immediately, based on the Neural Network algorithm implemented in the app. The user can send their results to a professional and start getting medical help if it’s needed. In addition, the voice data and result are stored internally using a CSV file and in an external database to provide further information on each voice characteristic and result for doctors, and training data for future networks. The resulting AzureVoice detection mechanism for Parkinson’s Disease will definitely lead to earlier detection and better care for the disease in an easy-to-use and cost-effective manner.

Project Snapshot
  • Qualified and Nominated for Intel ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) in Pittsburgh, PA (2018) for the project – AzureVoice – Creating a method using Artificial Intelligence to detect Parkinson’s disease in the Early Stages using Voice.
  • Won and awarded $5,000 from Oracle Academy by winning the Oracle Academy Award at ISEF (2018)
  • Won $2000 for Best Oral Presenter at NC JSHS (Junior Science and Humanities Symposium) Qualified as National Presenter at the National JSHS Competition, Hunt Valley, Maryland (2018)
  • American Junior Academy of Science – Lifetime Fellowship and Full Honors for outstanding Achievement at the National Level in Scientific Research and Leadership (2018) –Austin, TX (2018)
  • Recognized as the Best Project in Fair (Highest Honor in the Science Fair). Received $150 cash prize (2018)
  • 2018 Wayne Hanson Excellence in Science or Engineering Award
  • First in state and nominated to AJAS/AAAS 2018 International Science Conference in Austin, TX.
  • First Place Winner at the State Science Fair – Click

My individual research titled “AzureWare – Approach to Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis and Monitoring using Vocal Analysis and Android Apps” has been accepted for the International Conference on Parkinson’s Disease and Drug Development 2020 in London, United Kingdom and also accepted to present Sep 25th in San Francisco.

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